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Helping families and children with all disabilities and special needs throughout the State of Maryland

About Us

ASK & ACES, LLC offers advocacy services and training. We help families with children with all disabilities and needs throughout the state of Maryland. We provide assistance maneuvering through obstacles faced when trying to obtain services for children with special needs. Our aim is to avoid what feels like a daunting, exhausting, and never-ending struggle. Giving families empowerment through knowledge, understanding, ​and support.

How We Help is Simple

Give us a call, and we will review records, concerns, and parent, child, and schools rights.

We work together to develop a plan that includes the child’s IEP needs, and how to acquire services to assure your child’s success in school and in life.

Call us to schedule an appointment or for more information


Mary Jo Siebert
P.O. Box 274
Phoenix, MD 21131

C: 410-967-0122
Fax: 410-497-1201




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